Welcome to Music For Life Coaching.
MFLC is a private studio tucked into a cozy sanctuary full of fruit trees and cacti, in North Hollywood, CA.Offered here are highly individualized services, catering to the individual artist's needs, be they instruction, coaching, recording or performing.

 A testimonial.

Two (2) things that make a teacher great. One is knowledge of a discipline and the second is the desire to connect with the student. Feef Mooney exemplifies both. Feef’s knowledge of the mechanics of music is coupled with her natural talent for playing music. In addition, she is a world class song writer, both as word smith and “tune” smith, her ability to conceive melodies is an inspiration.

I believe her strongest attribute as a teacher is her innate drive to entice her students to uncover their musical desires. I came to Feef with the desire to learn how to play the blues on electric guitar. I had taken guitar lessons when I was in high school and was self-taught in finger style blues on acoustic guitar, but I wanted to be like BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Mark Knopfler and Feef was more than happy to help me down that road. But it wasn’t long before I found my niche playing rhythm guitar. Feef allowed me to find and embrace the joy of playing rhythm guitar. Feef didn’t push or pull but let my talents evolve.

To be enormously talented AND a great teacher is a rare thing. Fjaere Mooney encompasses both and is a joy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who seriously wants to become a better musician with this simple request: please take your own resolve to become a better player as seriously as Fjaere resolves to bring out the best musician in you.


Doug Mortenson

Student with Fjaere Mooney for 20 years.